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Discussion created by lisior on Dec 26, 2016
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Hi there, I asked this question in an online chat but didn't quite get the answer I was looking for so trying my luck here. Looking at my monthly bandwidth usage, I see fairly sizeable amount of data being use for upload. I'd like to understand why am I uploading so much (I don't torrent, no P2P stuff). Looking over last 4 months lowest value for upload was 13.75GB highest 19.22GB. I'm really scratching my head here. I have ASUS RT-AC68U router hence Cisco DPC 3848V modem is in bridge mode. Looking at the traffic analyzer within the router I see monthly upload by device by app:


Desktop Win7
App's NameUpload
Valve Steam2.36
Google Chrome1.11
App's NameUpload
Laptop Win10
App's NameUpload
HTTP Protocol over TLS SSL1.52


Any insight as to whether these stats are typical in terms of uploading data? Thank you