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Shaw should toot their own horn

Question asked by hjnicol on Dec 27, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2016 by hjnicol

I've been very critical of Shaw for not providing the local provincial feed for CTV.  In my case it involved the entire interior of BC.  CTV Vancouver HD, apparently was carried in the lower mainland of Vancouver and on Vancouver Island by Shaw but, not in the interior of BC.  That's a lot of people, who didn't get an HD feed for their local CTV affiliate


About a week ago, my Gateway appeared to be acting up.  A couple of CTV HD channels appeared on the guide but the programing was blank, the rest of the channels were fine.  I monitored the situation for a day and just as I was going to ask if something was wrong.  They were back.  I didn't check further.


I noticed today that CTV Toronto HD that used to be on channel 210 in my area is now on 217, and...... yes 210 is now Vancover CTV HD !


Shaw hasn't mentioned a word to any subscribers.  At least I haven't heard anything.


Shaw get enough criticism, when there is some good news toot your horn !


No bitching, I'm happy.  Thanks Shaw.