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Audio cutting out in PVR recordings

Question asked by geopro1 on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2017 by budsgirl

On my XG1 Gateway I'm having increasing problems with the audio constantly breaking up and cutting out briefly during playback. It doesn't happen when watching live, only on recordings. It's the same when watching the content through the other portal on a different TV. It affects multiple programs, some worse than others. Seems to be increasing in severity. Video is not affected, remains perfectly smooth. Any ideas?


Surely the recording should be a direct digital copy of what is being received live, and if the digital video stream is recorded smoothly, why would the digital audio stream be bad? But the problem must be in the recording and not in the playback equipment if it's the same when played back on a different portal. I know that a digital audio stream can be extremely sensitive to small bit errors, more so than video, so does this indicate a high recording error rate due to a defective Gateway that needs replacement?