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Having Trouble with Port Forwarding in Hitron 2250 SHW Model

Question asked by billfern on Dec 28, 2016
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Noticed a few comments on this subject, and thought I would add my recent experiences.  Picked up the Hitron CGNM 2250 Modem just before Christmas 2016, a week ago roughly.  Two of my interests are distance transmission through my 3000 Sq foot house, end to end, and port forwarding to IP cameras.  Since there seems to be some port forwarding issues with others, I wanted to say that my experiences went well.  The Hitron set up to Port Forward is not too complex, but you must choose the right things to make it work.  First, in going to the Port Forwarding screen, I found some port forwarding already accomplished, I gather by some software on my computer.  But in changing from a retired Netgear Router to the Hitron, there is a submask change, and this affected my IP cameras.  I use X10 older IP units, as well as a few new ones, so a variety of experiences.


In setting up the older IP Cams, an IP tool software was provided and that software recalled the ports used in the former router, and all the other settings were preserved on the camera itself.  But, the submask required a change, and that was done in automatically in the software through  few right clicks.  Now the IP Cam set up was done, and it showed me the Local IP address of the camera along with the assigned port.  So Using the IP address of the Hitron, I opened the software up and went to the port forwarding page.  I used the IP address of the camera, made up a description, the port number goes into four boxes, the IP address without the port number into one box,  and completed the other boxes, hit the apply and save buttons and logged out.  Everything worked and continues to work and I just installed another IP Camera and it works fine now too.

Start by opening the software at the modem address of and choosing WIFI and then Basic and then Port Forwarding.  If you don't know the IP address of the item you want to Forward you can find a list of connected devices at the LAN Setup tab.  You have to click SHOW to see it.  write down the address you want to forward.  Then at the bottom of the Port Forwarding Options, you will see a turquoise button that says ADD RULE.  click on that, and start by putting something into the Application Name box, Choose a Protocol, and maybe choose it from the instructions on your equipment manual, or by looking at what the other items are using.  If you are forwarding on port 1009 for example, then you need to type in 1009 four times in the public port range and private port range.  In the Local IP address box, type in the local IP address you saw for the item in the connected items page.  You need to hit the Apply button on this dialogue box and then the save changes button, and then log out in the upper right corner where your cusadmin appears.  Give it a minute or two then go test it.


By the way, the issue of choosing a port forwarding port number might intrigue you if you are new at this.  Just pick a number of two to give digits, I prefer four digits.  It would be prudent to google that number such as "port 1009" and see if google comes back with anything, and make sure any of your other devices are not using the number you choose.  Google might tell you that port is used for certain things, so if so, choose a different number.  You should use a different port number for each device you forward.  Then to see the item on your web browser while sitting in the coffee shop, type in your IP address with a colon and the port number.  If you don't know your IP address go to "" and it will tell you.  If you unplug your modem, for very long, your IP address might change. if that happens, you have to change the address you had for that device.  for example, if your IP address is 11.22.333.44 and your are using port 1009, then while in the coffee shop your would type http://11.22.333.44:1009 into the web browser address line.  Save it in your favourites, but be prepared to change it if your IP address changes.


So far this has worked for me, just about a week now.  I did have some problems when family visited at Christmas and maybe as many as 20 items were attached to the system.  Connections to remote IP Cams were lost and now that seems to be ok that everyone has left.  My guestimate is that the CGNM modem has almost the same coverage area wise as the dual band common modems sold in the $150 price range and since Shaw supplies it, you may not need to pay for it.  That is a savings!


I will keep this updated from time to time.