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"There was an error signing in" with Shaw On Demand and Shaw Gateway apps

Question asked by rbebm on Jan 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2017 by shaw-lance

We are two weeks into having Shaw Gateway. On two iPads we have 1) FreeRange TV 2) Search Shaw On Demand, and 3) Shaw Gateway. For two weeks, all three apps worked fine. Yesterday Search and Gateway stopped working. Attempts to sign in using the same currently valid login and password (checked online) used previously resulted in "there was an error signing in" message in Search and something similar in Gateway.

Based on advice on the same issue to other users in this forum, I deleted all the apps and changed my login name. Then reinstalled all three apps. My new login and password work for web sign in to my account, and to sign in to FreeRange TV. However the valid login/password combination still results in the same error message in the other apps.

What else can I/we do to get working apps?