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Ooma & Shaw, what is your experience

Question asked by johnnyfive55 on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2017 by johnnyfive55

My Ooma has yet to operate without issues for a year and a half.  Frequently experience quality issues, latency, no voice on incoming calls. The same problem in two different condos in the building.


Last year in the previous condo after going through all the hoops over the phone a Shaw tech was sent to check performance, pings and a bunch of other network stuff and found nothing wrong.  Ooma support wasn't any help either.


Recently, I reported the VOIP issues, Wi-Fi dropping devices, slow speeds randomly and requested another modem/router other than the cheap Hitron one. They had a Cisco and were willing to do a swap. But, when the tech arrived I learned it wasn't a current product or technology, but something they stopped receiving / using for a couple years now.  It ended up with worse Wi-Fi issues, so I swapped back as the tech didn't have the time to troubleshoot and make adjustments (change channels for example).


How many of us Ooma users are on Shaw; how many had issues; how many of those were resolved and how many have not?  I hear claims from Ooma customers that it's the best, has excellent voice quality, but wonder if they're on Shaw or not?  From what I figure, it's a Shaw thing or at least in my case it is.  They've not been interested in the past to find the route cause, just say everything is fine.


Please reply with feedback of your experiences.