Wall Signal

Discussion created by lyxblue88 on Dec 29, 2016
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(I don't know what its called to connect cable to the wall, so I'll just call it wall signal.)


My mom loves to buy televisions and computers. As a result, there's 10 "wall signal" opened that are connected to televisions and computers in my house. When two of the televisions was having trouble broadcasting the channels, the techs came and told us to close some wall signals to increase the quality of the more used ones. My mom was unhappy about it and just shut off 1 wall signals. The problem was solved at the time and I cared less because I don't watch television at all and I had no trouble playing my game, "Blade and Soul" with it.


The problem came when I noticed my in game ping/ms is triple of my friends living in the same area who plays the same game. The game's support say its not from their end, so I asked Shaw support. After hours of talking, the support thinks that the wall is giving off poor signal. I booked a  tech to come to our house again next week. Assuming closing one wall signal will make me fight with my mom for 1 day, how many should I shut down. In other words, how many wall signals can be opened in one house with out having poor signal? Can I pay extra to increase the internet signal of one house?