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Some Channels not working at night time??

Question asked by mahram on Jan 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2017 by shaw-phil

Hi, i have a bit of an issue with my tv viewing at's an odd issue because i've never seen this happened before but some channels don't seem to work at night time viewing. the SD channels of globalbc (channel 8), ctv (channel 9) are a couple of channels for example that give me that s0a00 error at nights but during the day time they seem to be working fine...I think they give me that error at around the evening time and it'll stop working until around 2am


it's only channels 7-13 that seem to have this s0a00 error.


I have tried checking the wires and making sure they are connected properly in the pvr but that doesn't fix the problem. resetting the pvr doesn't fix the problem either. the channels work fine on other tv's around the house during the night so there seems to be a problem with the one in my bedroom...


It's been going on for a week now and i'm still confused on what the issue might be..does anyone know what could be wrong?