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How to get better wifi coverage

Question asked by awakeling on Jan 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2017 by sango

Iam trying to get better wifi signal in my house. I currently have shaw internet with the Hitron cgnm-2250 modem. My house was built in the 1940's, has plaster walls and lots of walls/rooms(definitely no open concept here) and due to the shape of the house/possible placement of the modem I can only put it in the living room or office which are at opposite ends of the house. This means the wifi signal doesnt reach the other end of the house from the modem. I currently have the modem in the living room. I have narrowed this down to 3 posible scenarios and am just wondering if the experts here can help me decide which 1 is best. I should also add there is a CAT5 cable run through the attic from the office to the kitchen and comes out ontop of the cupboards. I suspect the previous owner had a modem in the office then wifi router in the kitchen which is close to the center of the house.

Scenario 1-leave the hitron modem in living room and install a plug in wifi extender to try and get wifi at far end of house. I am considering the TP Link RE450 or the Linksys RE7000.

Scenario 2-Setup IP passthrough on hitron or get a older bridgeable modem from shaw. Install modem in office and purchase a good wifi router to connect to CAT5 cable in kitchen. (I am currently avoiding this scenario because my alarm is currently hard wired to the modem in living room. moving the modem would mean running a new cable to the alarm panel which is possible but a larger job)

Scenario 3-Setup IP passthrough on hitron or get a older bridgeable modem frm shaw. Leave modem in living room and install wifi router in living room and hope it reaches othe end of house (this would mean not having to run new wire to alarm panel) this scenario will only work if I can get a third party wifi router that has a better signal then the Hitron modem.

Scenaro 4-Leave modem in living room and run a CAT5 cable to another part of the house and install a wireless access point. This scenario I know the least about and not sure If it is even possible.