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Paying for my own internet separate from my aunt?

Question asked by meraid on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2017 by shaw-lance

I've actually got a few questions. So basically, i started living with my aunt in September. She herself only has TV, and uses Internet provided to her by my uncle's work. However, the company only pays for Shaw internet 5 and I quickly realized I needed more than 60gb a month of data. Upgrading is out of the question, as it's my uncle's company paying and they won't allow it. So about 3 days ago I ordered a self install kit, intending to get my own account and pay for my own, separate Internet. I received my kit today but discovered that my aunt is using one coaxial for the TV downstairs and another for her modem upstairs. So fair enough, I'll probably have to get someone to install another line or something (that's what I've gathered). The confusing part is, I haven't been asked for payment yet and have no account to log in to to view my bills. I'm wondering if Shaw is assuming that since Internet is already connected to my address via my aunt, if this new modem is connected to their account and will charge them? I received an email saying I would be billed on January 18th or whenever I got my modem set up, but I can't see that happening if I haven't given my card info. I hope this is clear enough! We don't have a rent agreement or anything so even though I'm "renting" out a room, there's no paperwork to worry about there.