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Troubleshooting VoIP problem can't hear callers.

Question asked by jayshaw4 on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by shaw-harvey

VoIP is the ooma telo2 (Ethernet connection, fixed IP in DMZ of my Asus RT68u


My Asus router is behind the Hitron (CGNM-2250) adv wireless modem in BRIDGE mode (acting as a cable modem only) but I'm suspecting is doing something odd as all my incoming VoIP calls have no audio from the caller, callers can hear me.


Initiating calls out works great.  Just not incoming (I can't hear the caller they can hear me)


I can answer calls using the smartphone apps just fine on the same LAN over WiFi but not using the Telo2 phones (wired handset or cordless panasonic).


I've tried connecting ONLY the VoIP device to the Hitron and its the same problem.


I've read online some routers and modems handle VoIP poorly with bad implementations of SIP-ALG and am not sure if the Hitron has it active.


I have no Mac filtering or other filters in the firewall that can prevent the VoIP.


The VoIP ooma telo2 was working before the cable modem was upgraded.  


I've been all around and have confirmed I have all ports working with the VoIP devices port scan.




Ideas anyone?