BlueSky Questions

Discussion created by mrme on Jan 13, 2017
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I have to say that this new BlueSky TV is quite intriguing and definitely will be visiting a retail store to see it in action  - assuming that the Calgary retail stores have it running as a demo?


I also have some questions:

1) Question is regarding the bundle (Premier TV + Internet 150).  Is this the only bundle that is available for BlueSky TV, or will there be more bundles forthcoming?  I currently have Popular TV with some pick-and-pay channels and don't really want to change (I used to have Premier TV but changed because the Popular TV channels met our needs better).


2) Can home phone service be added as part of the bundle?


3) Crave TV.  I've read that Crave TV can be accessed through the BlueSky TV?  I'm hoping this is true because it would nice to not have to turn on my gaming console every time we want to watch Crave.


4) Internet 150.  Is the BlueSky TV tied into the internet service at all?  While very interested in Internet 150, I've been extremely hesitant to make an upgrade to it given the numerous issues with the modems.  My Internet 25 has served me well and the old blue Motorola modem has been an absolute tank (maybe had to pull the power cable once or twice in the last 8 years to do a reset).  It's always nice how Shaw's services are independent of each other and I want to know with BlueSky if it continues to be that way.  Essentially, if the internet modem is having issues, will my TV be impacted?


Thanks in advance for you help answering these questions.