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Fox Sports Racing channel

Question asked by shawnomore on Jan 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2017 by mi6_

It has been a year now with no action from Shaw on the removal of Speed Channel and not picking up its replacement Fox Sports Racing.  Last year I watched the channel through a streaming hack.  As we approach the new NASCAR race season next month there has still been no move by Shaw to add the channel.  I spoke with a CSR last month and they said there were not plans to add the channel.


I have been a cable TV subscriber since 1977, long before Shaw came into the picture in Saskatchewan.  However, since Shaw is not willing to provide the programming I want, it is time for me to move on.  SaskTel Max carries Fox Sports Racing so I will be moving to them.  They are scheduled to install on Tuesday meaning this is my last billing cycle with Shaw.


Thanks for the 40 years Shaw.  Obviously it means less to you than it did to me.  Incidentally, when all added up, I will be getting more channels and faster Internet for about $30 per month less.