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Smart-record programming is confused

Question asked by lisamo on Jan 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2017 by lisamo

I increasingly have trouble smart-recording shows. Symptoms: 

- in the "recording options" list the "next recording" says N/A, but there are shows listed under "view upcoming air dates". These don't have the circle next to them to indicate they are in the Smart Record program, but they do get recorded - sometimes. Sometimes not.

- In the Program guide when I try to Smart record a new show, it doesn't register - no circles, no recording. When I simply use the red Record button for an individual show, it does get recorded. 

- But sometimes, when there are no circles and no "upcoming shows" listed, an unlisted upcoming show does get recorded. 

- Some shows simply don't show up when I want to smart record them. A show called "The water brothers" should show up when I search for "water", but it doesn't. Again, I can manually record individual episodes.


I should add I have an unholy number of shows set to smart-record, and whenever I delete a bunch, more show up. It looks like the list cannot handle more than 128? However, some of the over-128 shows still get recorded. Some don't. 


I am totally confused - as is my PVR...