Moving Internet connection to another room

Discussion created by shrimpie on Jan 17, 2017
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Hi. I'm writing for a friend, the same senior citizen that you helped me deciding the best package for her  +getting her Internet, TV, and phone transferred from Telus to Shaw last May/June:Thread was titled, 'Pal needs mainly basic TV channels'. 


Unsure if you can help, but I'm hoping you can.

BACKGROUND: The Internet cable was threaded from her apt. living room to bedroom, where she has a desk with a laptop & flat screen monitor. Starting about 2-3 wks ago when her laptop & monitor are turned on, laptop screen stays black and the attached the monitor says, 'No DVI connection'. I tried to check all the connections and they seem OK but clearly are not. Her cords are a real mess and the room is way too cluttered. As a senior myself, there's no way I can to check them all, hidden behind the desk. Clearly, she needs to move her computer set-up to her living room if for no other reason to have easy access to all connections.


All I think of to help her is to ask if Shaw can come and get her re-set up in living room to access the Internet. We realize she will need to pay for the call. But without you coming to help, she will have to cancel Shaw Internet because she cannot access it.  


Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks.