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Another day of unusably slow internet

Question asked by karlowma on Feb 14, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

Since Monday, my internet connection when attempting to access anything off of Shaw's backbone has been horrendous. Typically during these times, right now for example, will still report decent speeds (17 Mbps down right now, of my High Speed 25 plan), but anything off their network is slower than molasses in January. I can't even complete the download tests on some other speed tests ( and Terago), I can't check my email because my Hotmail inbox continuously times out trying to load content, I can't stream anything higher than 360p on YouTube (and even that is iffy); Shaw will, of course, tell me the problem is with these other websites. I've tested again this morning with/without my router, and on multiple desktop PCs, in safe mode and normal mode, ensuring all drivers are current and TCP/IP settings are correct. I've also tested with multiple web browsers.


I spoke with TSR in Winnipeg at length yesterday, and had Tier 2 Support glance over a saturation report which indicated I should be getting close to 25 Mpbs for the majority (20+ hrs) of the day (though I have reason to question the validity of these reports). Needless to say, they found "absolutely nothing wrong" with my connection.


I live in Crestview on the western edge of Winnipeg, and would advise caution to anyone considering subscribing to the service who happens to be perusing this forum.


It's very convenient for Shaw to bottle up these complaints in a community they can manage, but I also suggest sharing your experiences, good or bad, with others via the various social media outlets available, such as Facebook and Twitter; unfortunately, that's what companies respond and react to these days.


Here's hoping things improve!