List of IP Addresses that Shaw is Blocking

Discussion created by kevinds on Feb 13, 2017
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It was brought to my attention that Shaw blocking/censoring (null-routing) IP addresses hosting content it doesn't approve of is against the law..


Shaw mods..  If your team still has a problem with links off Shaw's webpage, this is Canada's Department of Justice..

 Except where the Commission approves otherwise, a Canadian carrier shall not control the content or influence the meaning or purpose of telecommunications carried by it for the public.


When Shaw blocks an IP for hosting something that could be related to Shaw (I had a take-down notice sent to me for hosting a Shaw login in a frame..  No data sent to my server, directly to Shaw's, along with a few other Canadian login sites, different story, not completely related to this), Shaw is breaking the law..


In effort for transparency, this is my formal request to have the list of blocked IPs made public, along with the reason, and offending URL.  Or the documents showing Shaw was approved by the Commission to block the websites...


Yes, I am bringing this is because of the current Cogent thing, but I didn't know it was against the law to block sites/traffic..