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Does BlueSky carry all available HD?

Question asked by dxer on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by pokee99

I see BlueSkyTV is now available in Metro Van. A good thing? As IPTV (like Telus), does this mean that we'll be able to watch the HD versions of all channels? Currently there are a bunch carried by other providers but not on Shaw, including a few on Shaw Direct (e.g., Detroit PBS, TCM) not carried on Shaw Cable. I would hope that the tech/capacity difference would enable a fuller spectrum of HD. Otherwise, all the new tech really gets you naught, except higher bills, at least until the satellite conversion is complete in 2019. Also, can my current extender work with it?  So, re HD, please say yes, IPTV provides the full range of HD currently available in Canada (or at least on Shaw Direct). Then I can stop pondering my next move, as my Motorola 3400 continues to die (playback & sometimes live freezes, breakups & skipping forward, etc.).