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My DCX 3200-M P3 goes into standby on its own

Question asked by caseykok on Feb 2, 2017
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Just got this box a couple of days ago at the Shaw store.  My DCX 3200-M P3 goes into standby on its own.  I was watching a movie, so there was no access or changes through the box.  A warning popup shows at about an hour and said that the device would go into standby mode (when the count down timer reached the end, it actually turned off the box).  I checked the 'Power Saving' setting.  It was on 'Never'.  Then I changed it to 6 hours, but the same thing happened.  Has anyone run into this too?  Oh, the one hour time to 'standby' message is the same on 'never' and '6 hours' power saver settings.