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Why would Shaw, a major technology company, deliberately hamstring a lot of the technology that's available with their newest TV offering? 

Question asked by bluejigsaw on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2017 by yvrbhoy

People with high-end control systems like Crestron, Control 4, Total Control, RTI, Elan, or Savant--who have chosen those control systems for how elegantly they integrate ALL of one's a/v and lighting control into a single remote or app, are now going to be left out in the cold with BlueSky and forced to use a second remote, simply because Shaw has decided to DISABLE the ethernet port on the back of the BlueSky box rather than simply enable it and allow 3rd party controllers to write an IP driver to control the box. This is a RIDICULOUS oversight and illustrates beautifully why so many people are frustrated with their cable service providers. Add to that the lack of 4k capability and what you have released here is a great reason to cut the cord.