Discussing  LOCK systems implemented by Sattelite Providers

Discussion created by danbub2000 on Jan 24, 2017
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I read in the RV sites that some of legitimate customers of Shaw in Ontario cannot get their subscription's TV channel for example in Florida.

Well, my discussion  is only for the purpose of learning and understanding and at no time is intended as breaking what I assume are General Communications Agreements between countries.

But I have read several Canadian RV fans that travel to Florida that the "recent" equipment/ receivers issued by Shaw in Ontario does not allow them to get the signal and "watch" their current subscription list while outside the Canada.

I understand the law (if exists)  and I believe that could be a fair arrangement between countries to protect their own providers, however it makes me very skeptical that a receiver for satellite TV can discriminator and be able the determine where it is outside the country of contract, in this case Canada.

My only idea would be that only could implemented  determining by the strength of the signal, but when I look at what is called the "footprint" of both satellites: Anik F1 & Anik F2 for example used by Shaw, there is good strength signal in other countries like US and Mexico. Even this scheme would not be a good idea for when there is bad weather conditions in Canada, regular users with legitimate rights being in Ontario would have periods of "no signal" since the receiver would not be able to determine the location.

Receivers do not send any signal that reaches the Satellite as feedback. The other only possibility would be for the receiver to have incorporated a GPS section that could then disable the receiver is outside of a per-recorded area.


I would be interested in discussing this in detail, since it appears to me almost impossible for these schemes to work and prevent a user with his RV to get TV outside their Ontario geographical area.

I personally continue my home subscription with Bell Canada and my TV viewing is limited to mostly PBS stations carried by Bell Canada, but the principle applied by those providers; intellectually challenges what I now about Satellite TV.


With pleasure I would like to receive the opinions or understanding of the process of anyone on this subject just for the sole idea of clarifying what is possible and how it is implemented