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Constant Packet Loss and High Ping

Question asked by spicy on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by shaw-harvey

All day and even before today i have been getting constant packet loss and high ping, Ive upgraded from internet 70 to 150 or whatever you things are called and im still getting packet loss. Ive called in multiple times and they do the little test crap on my router and they say everything is fine when its not. I we cant play online games, we cant watch youtube or netflix because of this constant packetloss and you guys say everything is fine when obviously its not or otherwise i wouldnt be complaining about it.


Maybe its a bad router, maybe its because you guys are having problems but dont want to admit it

The attached photo is of my packetloss on a teamspeak server i use all the time. i usually get 40ms ping and 0 packetloss but i guess not anymore