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Gateway app won't sync with Gateway

Question asked by geopro1 on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2017 by geopro1

Why is it that the Gateway app on my Android devices will sync the channel list with my secondary portal, but not with my main Gateway? In either case when I tap the Sync button it greys out for few seconds and then returns to normal with no message. If I sync with the Gateway, it has no effect. If I sync with the portal, it works - i.e., the channel list will upload and download between the unit and the app.

I did once get it to work a couple of times on the Gateway, very erratically - it got some channels wrong. But no effect at all now for months.

I see lots of reports of this problem, and the usual answer is that there's some sort of temporary communication problem with the Gateway, try again later. Is there any better guidance than that? Why would the Gateway be affected and not the portal?

Don't bother suggesting that I should try resetting the Gateway - been there, done that!