Loss of Webspace

Discussion created by charlie5229 on Feb 4, 2017

We too are affected by this Shaw decision to discontinue the Website service.


We are a non-profit group running a local bridge club for seniors. We used Shaw website to post game results and communications.


We are now forced to pay for a new website. It costs us $77 + tax = $86 a year. For a non-profit group, it is a lot of money.


We would like anyone affected by this Shaw decision to share our website and the cost. This website is a FTP site, and we have 10 GB disk space. You will have your own private space and do your own maintenance.


If you are interested, please email us at :


We can set you up first and let you try it out. If you like it, you pay up your share which depends on the number of people sharing. If you don't like it, it costs you nothing.