Extremely inconsistent upload speeds

Discussion created by wtvong on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2018 by apaullo

Hello, have had shaw150 for the last 4 months and everthing has been great so far untill the last couple of weeks. Since towards the end of January, my upload speeds have been fluctuating from as low as 3 mbps. The thing is when im trying to live stream on twitch, it doesn't even upload 2500kb/s, it goes to as low as 800 kb/s causing me to drop frames and this happens repeatedly every few minutes. I have not been able to live stream for the last few weeks and i'm starting to get frustrated. Ive attatched a screen shot of my speedtest and a screenshot of my OBS trying to stream 30 seconds in and already goes from 0 to 800kb/s. (The speedtest was done right before I tried going live on OBS)