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Internet disconnection problem

Question asked by kencheung on Mar 11, 2017
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I've been a Shaw internet customer for more than 15 years. Never really had a problem with the service. Last August I upgraded to the WideOpen 150 service with the new Hitron modem. This worked without a problem for 2-3 months. Ever since November, I've had intermittent internet disconnections. This happens unpredictably every 3 wks or so. It seems to happen sometime early in the morning. On the 5-6 occasions when this has occurred, I become aware of the problem when I wake up for breakfast and notice my internet is "down". I can ALWAYS get the internet back on by power cycling the Hitron modem. This is a big problem since I have various internet connected home automation and monitoring equipment (as well as my computer) that I need to access when I travel. And I travel quite a bit. When these outages occur and I'm away from home, there is NOTHING I can do to bring it back up. Since it needs someone to power cycle the modem.


I've been in contact with Shaw support. A technician has also come and checked everything out. He even swapped out the Hitron modem and checked on all the connections including at my home switch box. The frustrating thing is that this intermittent outage is still occurring...  I am hoping someone can help.


  • The Shaw Hitron modem is in bridge mode. I use an Apple Time Capsule router for my wifi.
  • When the Shaw tech came to my house and suggested it could be a router problem, I took to opportunity to upgrade from a Gen4 Time Capsule to the latest Gen5 Time Capsule. (The same problem still occurred.)
  • When there is an outage, I see that the first 4 lights on the Hitron are lit and solid (green, blue, blue and green) with the fifth light flashing green.
  • I am not sure if the Shaw TV works at the time of my outage. I have not checked. (But was told to check next time.)
  • Since I have an iMac right next to the modem and router, during the outage, I tried disconnecting the ethernet that goes from the Hitron to my router and plugging the iMac directly to the Hitron via ethernet. This does not fix the problem. I've also gone ahead and rebooted the iMac with the ethernet directly going to the Hitron and there is still NO internet.  (Doesn't this prove that the problem is NOT my router? If I've got a computer directly connecting to the Hitron and there is still no internet?)
  • After I've done all this and called Shaw with this information trying to troubleshoot what's going on, the tech tells me that this does NOT rule out a router problem. He suggested that if I have an outage next time, I should try power cycling the router (Apple Time Capsule) instead.
  • He further suggested that "most people don't know but one needs to power cycle ANY wireless router on a regular basis to clear caches and what not and to prevent his kind of problem" - To be honest, I'm fairly techy and I've NEVER heard of this. If this is really true, how come routers never come with a power switch?!?!?!  And I've never power cycled any router I've owned before and it has never been an issue. (Again, this intermittent disconnection only started cropping up 2-3 months after I went with the Hitron modem and the WideOpen 150 service. It was never an issue in all the previous years but now it's happening despite the new router I purchased.)

Sorry for the long note. But this is really frustrating. It really becomes a problem when there is no one at the house. Does anyone else have any idea what is causing the problem?


Thank you