Is your remote "slowing down" ? 

Discussion created by hjnicol on Feb 15, 2017
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I have a Gateway system, but this topic applies to all remotes.


I have 5 Gateway Portals (ya I know...but that's not the topic) and by having so many I notice the differences in them.


The one in the bedroom won't turn the TV off.  Yes, it's programed correctly.  It started with me having to push harder and harder on the power button, then I gave up and I now have the actual TV remote on the bed as well.  The TV remote has a few functions I needed anyway.


Then the one in the family room... I've been having to push many of the buttons harder and harder.


Today, in the den I noticed how grungy that remote was looking, (crud on the case between the buttons). So, I took it apart and cleaned the case, easy.

Well I thought maybe I should take the family room remote apart maybe by cleaning it, it will work better…..

Bear with me I’m going somewhere….

Got the family room remote apart and I saw something strange… Oil.   There was so much it looked like it was some type of contact oil or something. The oil was on the underside of the silicone pad that formed all the buttons, it was on another piece of plastic that was between the silicone button assembly and the circuit board and the oil was on the circuit board…. BUT there had been no oil on my grungy den remote ????

So, on to the internet…

AH…. Apparently these remotes, all made off shore, are sometimes not constructed properly (now there’s a shock). The Silicone used for the keypads has to be baked a certain amount to bake out the silicone oil. If they aren’t baked long enough, over time, they sweat silicone oil and that screws up the operation.

The reason I researched the problem was because the first remote didn’t have the oil problem, when I saw it in the second I did the research. (why would one have oil and one not, which is the exception ?)

Bingo.   All my remotes work great now.