Is the extra bandwidth we got from Shaw Friends no longer grandfathered?

Discussion created by mahram on Feb 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2017 by kevinds

Hi, does anyone know if the benefits we got from Shaw Friends awhile back no longer grandfathered from existing users who were in the program?


We joined the program a long time ago to get the benefits and i understand that the benefits of the extra 50gb was phased out some time ago but it was to my understanding that existing members who had the benefits of the extra 50gb would still keep that benefit because it would be grandfathered.


I'm only asking now because it still shows our bandwidth monthly limit to be 300gb and we have generally kept it under the amount but have been going over by a little in the past few months. In November we were at 306 and in December at 286 and in January at 301gb.


But we were lead to believe that we would have the extra 50 but now we are not so sure as it still doesn't show that...with content being in HD and streaming taking up a lot of bandwidth, it's been harder to keep to that limit though again, we believed to have had the extra benefit..