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Some missing shows on VOD

Question asked by ciggz on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2017 by ciggz

I noticed that there are some shows missing on the new BlueSky compared to my old Gateway. Specifically Anime. When I look online at Shaw On Demand , I get a list of all the Anime available to me. However, when I type and search for a specific show on the BlueSky box, it says it's not available. Why is that? Will these glitches be fixed soon? Also, I noticed that when I listen to Stingray music, the titles  of the songs  and other info (artist, album, etc) aren't shown anymore. It just shows the channel info and nothing about the song at all.


Another question, will Shaw On Demand  website be compatible with the new box. Can I order online and have it show up in my box??