Still Waiting For a Replacement CW Channel in HD

Discussion created by bostonbob on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by geopro1

How is it possible that Shaw still hasn't added a CW affiliate in HD to replace WGN ???? It's especially frustrating since they already carry 3 other CW affiliates ( KSTW out of Seattle, WPIX out of New York and KTLA out of Los Angeles ) but haven't been able to ( or possibly even tried to ) secure the HD rights for any of these channels. The Shaw suits should be embarrassed by this but they're probably just too busy picking out their new jet or yacht to care about their customers. Whatever happened to all these new HD channels supposedly being added to the Shaw line-up once the Digital Network Upgrade was completed ???? All that's been added the last year or so has been 3 music channels ( Retro, Loud and Vintage ) that I don't remember seeing one single request for while we still haven't seen any channels that have had hundreds and hundreds of requests ( a new CW affiliate in HD, NFL Network in HD, Spike TV, etc ) being added. I was told last year by a CSR Supervisor that once the whole Pick and Pay thing had been figured out that a bunch of new HD channels would be where are they ????