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Has Shaw disabled the IR receiver on the AX013ANM Gateway?

Question asked by reteck on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by reteck

Was called out to reprogram a Harmony remote to add the new gateway to the system.  Wouldn't recognize any IR commands and could not train the Harmony with the supplied gateway remote.  If the IR receiver has been crippled why?  My customer wants one remote to control their system.  The Shaw tech tried to help out but failed and left the customer very angry and disappointed that they have to use multiple remotes.  I programmed their AV receiver into the Shaw remote and they were a bit happier, but they would like to go back to using their Harmony remote and be able to use their mobile apps.  Shaw you need to realize there are complicated integrated systems with expensive third party remotes out there, and people are going to react negatively when they lose functionality.