Suggestions for making the DXC-3200 BETTER...

Discussion created by wtwasp on Mar 13, 2017
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The following are my "suggested improvements" for the DCX-3200 (and current/future) cable boxes : 


1. (Continue to) OFFER DCTs that have NO PVR built in!!!!


NOT EVERYONE wants or needs a built-in recorder! Please have some respect and consideration for us "old schoolers" who either prefer the option of having a separate, standalone recorder (VHS/Beta VCRs, DVD recorders, etc, which usually offer WAY more editing and archiving options), or who simply want a basic cable box that receives channels - THAT'S ALL - no unneeded fancy bells & whistles required (just be sure to retain ALL channel surfing/tuning options, and the LED displays on the front showing time/channel, and maybe even a few basic function buttons like channel up/down, menu up/down/left/right buttons, allowing for remoteless operation in environments where more than one box exists!!).


2. FASTER response when scrolling/browsing the menus & on-screen TV guides. 


For such "advanced" technology, I have never seen anything respond and move so SLOW!!! Multiple depressions of a remote button should make the menu/guide scroll quickly in real time, but what happens is a delay (the more commands entered, the longer the delay), watching the little "please wait" pinwheel appear on the screen, and then a confusingly rapid bit of "catch-up" when the box finally responds and executes all the queued commands!


I am still using the Pace Summit boxes for my "everyday background noise" TV viewing, simply because the on-screen guide is instantaneously responsive to every command. It does NOT HANG or experience any delays in responding to commands. Honestly, the ONLY thing preventing me from retiring my old Pace boxes and using a newer DCT (like the DCX-3200, aka "511") across the board, is this issue with (lack of) immediate responsiveness when browsing menus and the TV guides. That, and the fact SO MANY newer boxes are compulsory with those damn PVRs built in! To echo Suggestion #1 : I HATE PVRs. I prefer my own recording devices. Please stop forcing PVRs down our throats. LET US CHOOSE what we want in a DCT as per our own individual needs! 


And last but certainly NOT LEAST : 


3. Bring back the customization settings for the "Reminder" function (fka "VCR Timer Recording" in older DCTs)


In the old DCTs (Motorola, Pace, etc), when one wished for the cable box to automatically tune to a certain channel at a certain time (either for recording to an external recording device, or simply to save oneself the hassle of stopping what they are doing to surf the channel guide and change channels manually every 30-60 minutes), they would use the old "VCR Timer Recording" function (up to 7 events). This included the option to customize the operation, to "start early" and/or "finish late" in 1-minute increments from "start early/end late" in 1 minute increments up to 15 minutes. (This feature also "locked in" the channel so it could not be navigated away from during the recording session - which sounds like a good idea, until you realize that an on-screen message box would pop up on the screen if any buttons were pressed, informing/reminding you the operation is in session, and offering the option to cancel or continue with said operation, which potentially ruins a recording with ugly on-screen displays.)


The NEW version of the "channel-changing" feature is now simply called a "Reminder", which I love - it simply auto-tunes to the channel ; no lock-ins, no event limit, no formal on-screen displays when finished. :-D
The ONLY issue I am having, is the fact I cannot customize the commencement (to begin a little earlier, by 1-15 mins, or even just 15-60 seconds). Since the recent UI upgrade, this little tweak has proven to be a much-needed option, as the Reminder operation has since begun to initiate a bit LATER than it used to (by at least 15-60 seconds), thus "clipping" the desired program, tuning in a few seconds too late, or at best, with but a nano-second to spare (thus letting the on-screen display linger too long and obscuring the program).


PLEASE bring back the "start early" options! 

i.e. : Navigate TV guide > select show (menu prompt) > select "Set Reminder" (menu prompt) > select start options (menu prompt) > select "Start 15s/30s/1m/2m/3m/4m/5m/10m/15m early" > done.

Please seriously consider implementing ALL these suggestions, particularly the last one (Reminder customizations), which is the most urgent at the moment.


Thank you.