I get poor channel reception after certain time of day

Discussion created by ziggurcat on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by andyk

This has been happening for a while now, but it's starting to become a bit of a problem.  It seems that after a certain time of day (usually after midnight), there's a group of channels that just go completely awry - what occurs is similar to what happens here: How to troubleshoot poor picture quality / pixelation but really bad, and often it's just a black screen.


However, this doesn't happen for all channels, which leads me to believe that this is something that occurs on Shaw's end rather than my own.  The following channels are usually affected (these are all the HD versions, and I've included the channel number in brackets as it appears on my particular guide/device):


HGTV  (18)

Fox (22)

Food Network (25)

Sportsnet (27)

Showcase (32)

Slice (33)

Discovery (35)

Comedy Network (41)

Space (46)

DTour (51)

BNN (70)

CTV (74)

Global (78)

City (80)

NBC (83)

ABC (84)

CBS (85)

National Geographic (93)

H2 (97)

Much HD (119)

Sportsnet 1 (159)

The Frame (165)

Nat Geo Wild (175)

YTV (190)

Weather Channel (228)

APTN (229)

History (243)


I am fairly certain this has nothing to do with my connections - I've checked, and all cables are nice, and tightly connected, and the fact that it only starts after a certain time of day.  If there's a way to resolve it, I would certainly like to know!