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We are having trouble connecting 3 game consoles to the Internet. We can only get 2/3 running. The 3rd cannot connect due to trouble finding an IP address. It's not the consoles themselves, as we have been able to connect the 3 just never all 3 at once.

Question asked by indy83 on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by chris_feller

The 3 game consoles are 2 Xbox ones and 1 PS4. We can connect any combination of 2 to the Internet, getting that 3rd one connected that we have trouble with. With the 2 Xbox consoles we get an error stating we are having trouble with the DHCP, with the PS4 it asks to set up an IP. We saved the info that is provided on the PS4 when it is connected, got the 2 Xboxes to connect and tried a manual set up for the PS4. The PS4 seemingly accepts the IP address but when it runs a connection test it fails on the Internet connectivity.