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VOD quesion

Question asked by ghupka on Apr 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2017 by katie

So, I recently had my Motorola PVR go belly-up, and replaced it with a Gateway.


Since I lost a lot of recordings I'm using VOD to catch up on some shows.  But there seems to be a huge difference between what was available on the Motorola unit and what's available on Gateway.


For instance, on the Motorola PVR, in the VOD section I could see multiple seasons of many shows ... On the Gateway it's usually only the last few episodes of the current season.


On the Motorola, I could access lots of HBO content (I am an HBO subscriber) - on the Gateway there's nothing.


What's up with that?  Are Gateway users second-class, or did the death of my Motorola box coincide with a change in the way VOD works?