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Slow Download Speed - Internet 150

Question asked by ryanowsla on Apr 2, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by ryanowsla

Hi, I'm new to the Shaw Community Forums and I'm hoping that any admin or mods or anybody would be able to help me with this issue as I've been having this issue for about a week and a half now. I'm going to try my best to explain on what's been going on.


I currently have Shaw 150 with Unlimited Data in Calgary NE. I've been having 2 issues.


1. My internet has been running like a crap lately, about a week and a half and it's really inconsistent. I've been only getting around 20 mbps download speed with wired or wireless 5G / 2.4G but, the upload speed is just fine. I've already talked about this issue with a Shaw Internet Tech agent using the Shaw Live Chat Support. We did some troubleshooting that night I talked to him, nothing worked so then he and I agreed to send me a technician the next couple days. When the technician arrives, he didn't see anything wrong with my internet but he changed the splitter and the modem to make sure that everything should be good. Here are the troubleshooting that I did to make this internet faster; I placed the modem to a wider area, changed the channels, connect my laptop to the modem using Ethernet cable, factory reset the modem, Scan devices for viruses or malicious software(nothing found), and reboot the modem but, unfortunately it's still the same inconsistent speed I've been getting. Sometimes the speed is just kicking up to 170mbps, and sometimes it's just really slow like 15-30 mbps. I might as well add an information that there's 2 Shaw internet connection in this house, one for upstairs and one for basement(our connection). Could it be that the connections upstairs and the basement have been swapped? or could it possibly be that Shaw is having issues that's why they're going to have a maintenance on April 3rd? 


2. doesn't stop buffering but I could watch videos on YouTube in 4k.



If anyone's willing to help me, feel free to ask me questions, thank you. 


(I included screenshots down below, the screenshot taken from my phone was in 5G)