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How do I connect D-Link range extender to Cisco DPC3848V?

Question asked by crlake on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2017 by tc10

I live in an old house with lathe and plaster walls, so my Cisco DPC3848V wifi signal doesn't reach the back bedroom.  I bought a D-Link DAP 1620 wifi range extender.  Instructions are simple.  Plug in close to the router, push WPS button on both devices, and wait for connection.  When I push the WPS button on the Cisco, NOTHING happens.  The WPS light doesn't turn on or even flash.  Nothing.  I push it anyway, then push the WPS on the D-Link, per the instructions.  Still nothing happens.  So I connected the D-Link to the Cisco using an Ethernet cable.  Now the D-Link's light is green.  Connected, great.  But as soon as I pull out the Ethernet cable, no more connection.  Please help!!!!