HD Guide Functionality

Discussion created by srglasswick on Mar 24, 2017
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One of the annoying aspects of the HD Guide was fixed recently. Maybe there is a chance that another issue can be addressed.


What has been fixed is the Reminder function. It used to start a 30 second countdown a full minute before the reminder program was scheduled to begin with a large pop up that blocked much of the screen while the last minute of the program being watched was still being broadcast. Then, it would switch to the reminder program 30 seconds before the program was scheduled to begin, cutting off the the last 30 seconds of the program being watched. Now, a smaller, semi-transparent countdown pops up 30 seconds before the program is scheduled to begin and it switches to the reminder program at the time the program is scheduled to begin. This is a big improvement... Thank you.


Another annoying issue is with the On Demand function that is accessed from the channel listings by pressing the Left key when the program guide is displayed. One can drill down into the On Demand programs, seasons and episodes but the Go Back function does not allow you to return to the list of On Demand programs for the particular channel. It takes you back up from episodes to seasons but then it goes all the way back to the program guide instead of to the top level of the channel's On Demand program listings. Please put a fix for this on the list of HD Guide issues to be corrected.