absolute disgust in shaw

Discussion created by brainbug on Apr 4, 2017
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so, our business had shaw business 30 internet, pretty sure we had it installed by shaw while shaw go was free for business and businesses were not required to get shaw smart wifi in order to get shaw open.

i called shaw to inquire what we were paying for biz 30 and if we were on contract, we were paying 87.95 and not on contract

i inquired if it was possible for us to get upgraded wifi as our wifi is shit and i have been forced to install my own hardware to make the wifi in the shop bearable (pathetic shaw can't fix this for free) shaw wants $5 more a month just to give us a hitron modem with upgraded 5G and they wont even give us a proper AP for free either ofcourse

i believe they said that if i switched to smart wifi 60 the hitron would be included

i also inquired about the promo pricing of smart wifi 60 at the time and have recorded phone calls with shaw of them quoting me this price and talking about switching to the plan without no mention of any ineligibility.

i told my boss that smart wifi 60 was on promo for 84.95 when you sign a 3 year and suggested switching as it is $3 cheaper then what we currently have and double the speed

he called shaw to upgrade, specifically because he wants shaw open in the shop and i explained that would be included

and ofcourse shaw locks him into a 3 year for biz 60 @ 102.95 which is an awful price

the internet is now worse, it goes anywhere from 30-60 and isnt reliable, i called shaw to inquire about why the speed was so wierd as i wasnt aware the upgrade had taken place and he gave me no mention that we had biz 60

today my boss told me that he upgraded it so i called shaw to arrange to have the shaw open installed because we were supposed to get smart wifi 60 and they told me we were on biz 60 and that we wernt eligible for the promo pricing because we were already a customer

if we also arent eligible for the smart wifi 60 promo pricing then why would they even go over it on the phone with me when i was inquiring about the pricing

why would shaw even put him on biz 60 if we are eligible for smart wifi 60 for less?

what the heck shaw.