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Shaw Email ActiveSync Issue Mobile Device ID Removed

Question asked by synex on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by shaw-brayden

I am having issues with Shaw ActiveSync on my mobile phone. Wondering if anyone know what I should do.

So here is what happened.


I went to shaw webmail and "mobile devices" under "preferences".

Within "mobile devices", I can see a lot of devices that I used to set up my shaw email with exchange activesync.

It has three options, " remove from list", "stop sync" and "resume sync"

I wanted to clean up the list since it has many devices that I no longer have access to.

So I stop sync on all devices and remove them from the list. ( my current phone being one of them )


After I did that, my current smartphone stopped syncing with my Shaw email. I deleted my setting and tried to reset up the shaw account again but it will no longer allow me to set the email account up as exchange activesync with that smartphone. ( IMAP and POP work fine). I tired it with my wife's phone and everything (exchange activesync)  went fine. I think the shaw email server is rejecting my phone Device ID for active-sync.


I reset my phone and was hoping that it would give me a new device ID so I can set up the email again but no luck on that.

There is no setting under the "Mobile Device" to allow me to do anything and I need the Activesync to work for my Calendar.

Anyone have any ideas?


Thanks a lot!