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Mcafee doesn't scan all files?

Question asked by kimjay7 on Mar 25, 2017
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Mcafee when I have set to do a scheduled scan every Sunday at 1:00 am  it scans only about 25,000 files of my 561,690 files. If I manually have it do it full scan it scans 561,690 files. I  can't get it ever to scan more than 25,000 ish files on scheduled scan.  I don't have it set not to scan any files also. I thought computer was maybe going to sleep and stopping scan so I changed to compute not to sleep still doesn't work. I just did a scheduled scan today and watched it stop at 25,000 ish files. I re downloaded Mcafee and it still only scan  a few of my files on a scheduled scan. Anyone else have this problem or can help?