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Upgrade: High Speed 10 (Cisco DPC3825) vs Advanced wifi modem?

Question asked by idearat23 on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by shaw-tamara

I currently have a classic High Speed 10 (yes, 10) plan with a Cisco DPC3825 wifi modem.  This actually works pretty well for us, we've so far stayed under our 150gb limit, and we usually get close to 20mb download speeds.  For our needs (2 people, 3 devices plus AppleTV, 90% web and email, one video stream at a time through the atv) it seems adequate, though we do get the occasional dropouts.


Changing to the Internet 30 plan would cost us $10/mo more, and being cheap, I'm not sure it's worth it unless it's noticeably faster and still at least as stable.  At some point we'll probably start hitting our cap, and need a change, but it's not urgent now.  Plus every time I think about it I read nothing but problems... I know some of that is the negative forum lens (only people with problems are posting), but it worries me.


So two questions:

1. Is there any path to upgrade to the new 'advanced' modem on my current plan, and if so, is it likely to make a difference in speed or stability or... anything?


2. Other than the higher cap, is the Internet 30 plan likely to be a noticeable upgrade over my existing plan?


Thanks for any opinions!