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Why bother with bluesky?

Question asked by tank_killer on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by rickatk

I find it funny how shaw knows there is low confidence in flagship products (because of the gateway system), so it binds customers in contracts.  shaw was cool as it didn't to the telus thing.  It had good products that people didn't want to leave, so why bother binding them in.


Shaw has changed direction, its sad to see. I wont be surprised if they stop selling tv service and start charging exorbitant amounts of money for internet (they cant compete with online services).  I feel their new structures aren't customer centric and they are in fact moving BACKWARDS!


Bluesky is EXSPENSIVE! and for what? voice commands? ppffttt


No 4K? whoa, so same cable tv with different makeup.


Hard to get excited about a new product when the last system they dropped like its hot.


seriously, someone please explain to me why bluesky exists and why one should buy it.  their advertising is honestly vague and uninspiring.