Missing Telus OPTIK - SHAW Needs To Get With The Times.

Discussion created by canadian_shaun on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by h20

Anyone else missing their Telus OPTIK TV? I enjoy the SHAW internet 150, but for their TV options. Very limited. Where are all of the local radio stations in Canada ?? Where is Fox News HD? Where are all of the other HD channels that Telus offers? Why can I not PREVIEW movies before I rent them with Video On Demand?? Why isn't there a channel preview while I am in guide?


I asked Shaw chat support where I update my channels online, apparently you have to call in and wait on hold until someone answers to help you out. Get it together SHAW. If Telus 150 was offered in my area I would be back with them... for now I am stuck with an upgraded Videotron system circa 1992.