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CGNM-2250 + CAT5e + WIFI Extender?

Question asked by selinakao on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by corbin

I have unfinished basement that is currently under renovation. I have 2 story home with less than 1500 sqft per floor. The Shaw CGNM-2550 is sitting in the main floor office. I do not have CAT5e cable anywhere in the house. I am adding extra office in the basement which is the opposite end of my main floor office as part of the renovation. We have a busy household and many WIFI devices, smart phone, tablets, laptops, gateway TV, Skype camera, game console, etc. Kids are growing up and need their own laptops and work station.


I plan to have electrician add the CAT5e wiring and socket in the basement and main floor offices. The electrician suggested to move the router to the basement with the panel, add the CAT5e wiring to the main floor office and other locations on the main floor that I need. Buy a good WIFI extender to provide extra access points for the main floor and 2nd floor.


I think it will be good idea to add as many CAT5e outlets as I need  before all the walls are closed up in the basement.


I have Shaw internet 150 plan. My laptop is the only device connected thru the ethernet port on the modem. The internet speed testing provided by Shaw shows download speed 136 Mbps and upload speed 9.07 Mbps. The wireless speed is even worse. But it may be caused by the many devices I connected wirelessly during the testing time.


Will the WIFI extender degrade my internet speed further?


The CGNM-2550 has 4 ethernet ports. Does it mean I can only have 4 CAT5e wall outlet?  Or irrelevant?


Can anyone suggest a good WIFI extender? I need it to be secure, provide guest access points on demand, easy to hook up and allow around 10 or more wireless devices.


What would you do if it was you house?


I am not technical, please excuse my mistake of the jargons if I got them wrong.


Thanks in advance.