Why the need to CONSTANTLY reset my Hitron modem?

Discussion created by robgain on Apr 2, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by bam

Since upgrading my internet to Wide Open 150 and the modem to the Hitron,,,,I am constantly rebooting my modem. I've noticed that the more I stream,,,the more I have to reset it. I can spend an evening watching Netflix, wake up in the morning and have no wifi. I thought it was my phone (a new Galaxy S7 that's less than 2 months old), resetting the wifi on my phone,,forgetting the network and rebooting it with no luck. Not until I reboot the modem will wifi work. I've turned off 5G because my Googlecast doesn't like it so I'm only using 2.4G. I'm always watching to make sure I'm on the strongest channel but even that doesn't do anything. I can't use my laptop as an example because it is almost always hard wired to the modem but I'm positive that I would be rebooting the modem even more frequently.


Is there a setting in the modem to automatically clear the cache?? Or is this the way it will be?? If it is,,,I won't be with Shaw after my contract is up.