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Intermittent internet access outage

Question asked by db_1901 on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by shaw-ken

DPC3848V, modem/router mode (not bridged). Intermittent internet connection outage.  This is not a wi-fi issue, not a home router issue, nothing to do with the internal network - direct wired connection to the modem has no internet access.  Usually, the lights are on, blinking, etc. with the online light blinking amber. A power on reset and waiting several minutes ends up with things back to normal.


This morning, internet activity just stopped.  Only the power light was on, everything else was off. Power reset, waited a few minutes while the lights did their show and they went off again.  Did the power reset again but waited about 30 seconds, same thing - lights did their thing and all went off except power. Went upstairs to call Shaw and internet access came back before I could call.  


What gives Shaw? Why is this happening? I think we all deserve an explanation.