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Problems reporting phishing, again.....

Question asked by hjnicol on Apr 5, 2017

As an honest, responsible citizen I think it's my duty to report crime and attempted crime.  Who knows maybe eventually someone will actually take some action. (glass half full kind of guy, I guess)


To this end, whenever I get a phishing attempt I send the phishing email to the company/service/agency involved.  Sometimes that's RBC, TD, PayPal, Shaw, etc etc.


The recommended protocol is to obtain the "header information" and include that with the forwarded copy of the email and send to the online fraud department of the particular company/service/agency involved.


I did discover, when attempting to report a phishing attempt to Shaw "You have almost exceeded your webmail storage quota,,, To avoid account deletion, please click on the link below"


That you should NOT include the word "Phishing", in the subject line.  To introduce what I was sending to I stated "Phishing Attempt" in the subject line.  That caused my email to be intercepted by Shaw's filters.  I did get an "undeliverable" message from Shaw.  But the emails were toast.


After a bunch of trial and error with the help of Shaw, it was discovered that including "Phishing" in the subject line cause the email to be intercepted.


I haven't tried it, but I guess if you got a phishing attempt and you wanted to warn friends and family of it, and stated in the subject line "Watch out for current phishing attempts", I guess it wouldn't go through.  Isn't that counter productive ?


How many internet criminals ever would use the word "phishing" in a phishing email.  Well thought out Shaw...!


Anyway, I rectified that with the help of Shaw, and would never use "phishing" in an email subject line again.


OK, now today....  There is a problem with "my" BMO online account.  A big surprize to me, since I don't deal with them.


The original phishing was picked up by Shaw's filters and sent to my junk mail folder in Shaw Web Mail.  I moved it to my In Box, obtained the header information and "forwarded" it to BMO online fraud department, I sent myself a copy of the forwarded email.


I don't know if BMO got theirs, but my confirming copy never came to me.


Likely the whole thing went to "never never land".  No "undeliverable" notification, no zip.


Really ?