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I recently got a shaw cable but it keeps giving me a leg spikes on one certain game.

Question asked by wogjs0002001 on Apr 18, 2017
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So we got Shaw internet yesterday instead of using Telus internet. It was going really well in the beginning. In the game Overwatch, I was getting a ping about 40ms. But suddenly the started having a leg spike. getting about 130 ping each minute. And than later now when I start the game it starts from 200 and keeps rising and never goes down below 200.


I never had this happen before with Telus. please help.

We actually had Shaw before Telus but we bought Telus because we had this issue.


and then we planned the better Shaw plan than last time to prevent this. but It didn't work.


     (sorry for my bad english  here's a short discribing)


      Shaw                                                                 Telus                                                                             Shaw again

internet problem                                      because of shaw problem                                              same problem as before