Pause n Record

Discussion created by jelly84 on Apr 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2018 by barry_jinks

Hi there,


So i just switched to Blue Sky and so far its ok except,


When will the function of pausing one channel (global) and going to another (ctv) and returning to previous channel (global) to continue where i was watching from (like the gateway)?


When i did record shows (in the gateway) i was able to set a specific time for a show to record and now with blue sky it records everything. example- price is right 10am mon-fri it was set(on the gateway) and now (on bluesky) when i record price is right it records every show.


Lastly, when can we uncheck the channels we DON'T watch like we could on the gateway?


I was not impressed at this and i would like to know how long we as customers have to wait for these features to arrive on BSTV.